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‘Flash #81’ (review)

Written by Joshua Williamson 
Art by Scott Kolins
Published by DC Comics


Writer Joshua Williamson has been doing one fantastic storyline after another on this title. This arc really started off great in the last few issues, continuing the thrill ride we’ve been on quite well.

I love what is happening in this comic and I love when it comes out each time. It has been pretty awesome indeed.

The beginning of this issue has the Flash fighting against the Black Flash in an all out brawl!

It is damn exciting, especially as drawn by artist Scott Kolins. He really is one of the best Flash artists of all time.

Then, there is a brief reprieve in the fighting! Barry sees his one moment and just goes for it!

He tries to appeal to Hunter to help stop this madness! In one of the most tense moments of all time, Barry asks Hunter “will you work with me?” I almost cried. It is a beautiful moment in this book and it is completely well earned. Williamson really put the work in and it paid off in that one moment perfectly.

The two of them have to replace the Force Barrier. Things start to look a little hopeless.

Then came one of the best moments of the series. Hunter makes a decision and it is one that requires great sacrifice.

His decision led me to tears. It is unbelievable. But there is no time to reflect. The Flash still has to fight the Black Flash! That’s not all though! The rogues have grouped together. And it is now time to answer Lex Luthor’s call.

This book is completely awesome. The story is tops. The art is great and it it so damn emotional overall that I just loved it. I can’t say enough about it. It really is that good. Even better, it seems like we have a lot more fun in store for us.





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