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‘Gotham City Monsters #2’ (review)

Written by Steve Orlando
Art by Amancay Nahuelpan
Published by DC Comics


This was a hard book for me to read.

I didn’t really care for the first issue. It had nice art but I didn’t really feel any emotional connection to the material. So it was hard for me to care about what was going on. This issue doesn’t do much for me either and it was a trudge to get through.

The opening scene has Frankenstein screaming for Melmoth!

Melmoth has attacked Gotham City and Frankenstein isn‘t too happy with him.

From that one little bit of set up, the issue takes off. But it is tough. Monsters are yelling at monsters and there is not really enough to involve me on any level which is a complete shame.

Frankenstein then finds a bunch of other monsters and tries to convince them that they have to band together to stop Melmoth. It sounds like it could be fun but it is more annoying than anything. I get what Orlando was trying to do but instead of cool, it comes off as fairly lame.

The issue is that all of the monsters have angry and aggressive personalities. So the whole book comes off as a knockoff Suicide Squad but with a bad attitude. It made me squint in pain.

Even more painful is the last scene with Melmoth. It is so awful to get through I almost closed the book. When it was over, I was so happy that I went for a walk to forget this issue.

The art is the only good thing in this book. I don’t really care about anything else that happened here. Maybe this will pick up but right now this book is a chore to get through.



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