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‘Legion Of Super-Heroes: Millennium #2’ (review)

Written by Brian Michael Bendis
Art by Nicola Scott, Jim Cheung,
Jeff Dekal, Ryan Sook
Published by DC Comics


I really want to like this book. I am a huge Legion Of Superheroes fan and I had high hopes for this.

I have to say after reading both parts of this book leading into the new series that I am just not that excited about it. There are definitely some nice parts to this comic book.

But I just feel like a lot has been thrown at me rather quickly and none of it is really grounded, save for one or two good scenes peppered throughout the issue.

The issue opens up in a Space Museum. We get to see the Hall Of Heroes and some relics from the past.

A guy named Michael (Michael Jon Carter aka Booster Gold) is talking to a girl in the museum. They reminisce about the heroes in the past and how good things were. They talk about the times that were. They even talk about the television show Friends. The scene does try a bit hard to make an impression.

They also talk about going back in time and becoming superheroes. Michael seems very intrigued by the idea. We then get a beautifully drawn scene with OMAC having a fight. Jim Cheung draws this scene and it is really spectacular. But it is sadly too brief and then we are off to another part of the past almost instantly.

I would have loved to have seen an entire series with OMAC by Cheung and Bendis.

Sadly, the next scene was just confusing to me as it was in outer space and didn’t make a lick of sense. I just got through it as quickly as I possibly could and hoped for the best for the next scene.

Luckily, the next scene was pretty good and gave me some hope.  It’s also the last scene of the book. We are given a nice introduction to the Legion of Superheroes. This part is clear and concise and actually has a nice ending to it. The art by Ryan Sook really works well here as well.

Again, this gave me hope. Bendis and Sook work well together and they are the creative team on the new ongoing series. Hopefully they tell good stories and keep it focused. Otherwise, the book could be in real trouble and it wouldn’t have much of a future.



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