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‘Catwoman #17’ (review)

Written and Illustrated by Joelle Jones
Published by DC Comics


Joelle Jones is back both drawing the comic as well as writing it! It’s a good time to be reading Catwoman and Jones does not disappoint. The stories are action packed and dramatic and filled with a lot of emotion. This one in particular certainly carried with it one hell of an emotional wallop.

The opening sequence has Lex Luthor taunting Selina to take his offer.

It is a brutal scene to read and Jones pulls it off perfectly. It is fitting that the story is called “The Hard Option.”

Lex and Selina go back and forth discussing Lex’s offer. Lex even asks her at the end of it what there is left in Gotham City for her.

It is a hard hitting scene that is perfectly paced.

We then see Selina go on a motorcycle ride out of there. She goes through a bunch of memories while she rides. It is another beautiful sequence from Jones on the illustration front. It hits the reader in the heart and you automatically know Selina’s mental state.

Selina spies on Raina Creel and her goons. Creel has found a Lazarus Pit and wants to use it to build herself an army. Selina quickly gets into some trouble with Creel and her goon squad. It is pretty exciting!

From there, we get to see Selina go to a place called the Magic Club. She walks through the place and then she encounters none other than Zatanna! That is where Jones leaves us on this issue. And it is completely awesome.

The book moves a little quick. But that is okay. I just liked what was going on a whole lot.

This title keeps getting better and more interesting and I can’t wait to see where Jones takes us next.



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