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Kickstarting a Game: The Basics

Games have been a primary way people in the past have spent their leisure time. From ancient times until now that hasn’t changed. The only change is the impact technology has made on games. Computer and tabletop games still keep people entertained in their free time and they won’t go out of style. Game companies pump out various titles each year. But the thing with them is that they have huge resources to support the development of a game. What if you want to help promote your game?

Chances are you don’t have many resources to develop your game if you aren’t a part of a big game studio. You’d probably turn to your friends and family for money and support. Another thing you could do is apply for an online loan. They’d be perfect for an unknown solo developer since credit history doesn’t determine whether you get a loan or not. There are plenty of online lending platforms and you can get in touch with one of them if you click here. They’ll give you favorable terms and the financial support you need. An alternative would be to try and kickstart your game. You can do that in a few easy steps.


Figure out What Makes Your Game Unique

All games are similar to themselves in some way, but they also have a few nuances that make them differ from each other. In the sea of similar games look for something that makes your game stand out. If you have an interesting and rare feature or a unique outlook on a story you have to highlight that and put it to the attention of the public.


Get the Leads

The uniqueness of your game is something to put in your messaging. Through messaging, you’ll make sure that the right audience is interested in the game. Create one or two landing pages where you promote your project and tell the interested parties a little bit about the game. Promise them a chance of a free copy of it if they send you their e-mail if they’re genuinely interested in the game. They will be your first players and if everything goes right your first hardcore fans.


Make a Campaign Page with Video Content

There are many reasons why making video content is relevant to marketing a game or any other product or service. It’s the first thing anyone will see when opening your campaign page. The video should be 2-3 minutes long. It should be a summary of the game, how it works and an emphasis on why it’s unique. Finally, the video should end with you asking your viewers for help and support.

When it comes to the campaign page you should more or less put in the same information along with a background of the creator/s, quotes, pictures and separate videos of gameplay, quotes, and wallpapers, as well as a short story of how you came with the idea of making the game.


Using Social Media

Creating a separate account on Facebook and Twitter is the next step you should take when promoting your game. This will get the attention of more people and they’ll be able to interact with you. Pitching your game to a journalist at a game event is something you should also do and don’t forget to make your ads appealing.


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