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‘Nightwing Annual #2’ (review)

Written by Dan Jurgens
Art by Travis Moore
Published by DC Comics


The storyline in the main Nightwing title has been decent, and a little off. I have been enjoying it for the most part but it has gotten on my nerves a bit.

The new persona of “Ric” felt a bit forced and weird. Nonetheless, there have been some real amazing moments as well as some nice character moments.

Jurgens starts the issue off is with “Ric” at a therapists office. He doesn’t want to be known as Dick any more. We get to hear that he is missing parts of his memory.  He remembers his past in the circus, but not much more beyond that. Then, we get a flashback.

The reader is transported back to the night Nightwing got shot in the head. It is a brutal scene to watch again, especially Batman’s reaction.

This is the heart of the book and it is really gives the story a whole lot of emotional weight.

Ric and the therapist talk some more. We are then shown Dick as a young boy with his parents at the circus. It is a joyous scene. We then get to see Dick in the hospital after getting shot. Damian visits Dick. That scene is especially hard to read. Damian’s reaction is very sad, and actually hits you right in the heart.

The rest of the issue is Ric talking to the therapist. He is trying to put himself back together but is having a tough time of it. We get to see him in a coma. We get to see him wake up. He doesn’t recognize his family when he does. We get to see him being taken to the Batcave. And we see the sad results of that incident.

The ending basically sets up the last year of stories we have seen in the regular Nighwing title. It has a nice tie in with the Court of the Owls. It also ends in a smart way.

The story is fairly strong. Travis Moore is an often overlooked artist and he does great here.  Overall, this is a strong comic and a pretty good annual.



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