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‘Superman’s Pal: Jimmy Olsen #5’ (review)

Written by Matt Fraction
Art by Steve Lieber
Published by DC Comics


This has been a fun read that has just the right amount of silliness to it.

Matt Fraction is not a writer that I would normally associate with this style of humor.

Yet, he does an amazing job keeping the story going and keeping it all pulled together. He does a great job here.

The opening scene has Bruce Wayne going on a date. Jimmy has caused Bruce more than a little bit of havoc.

Bruce goes on a date and doesn’t really interact well with the girl he is with. No matter, it is all a ruse anyway until he can put on his tights and go hang out with Superman.

So Bruce goes and meets Superman. Who joins them?

Why, none other than Jimmy Olsen himself! Batman yells at Superman for bringing a civilian to the meeting. Superman vouches for Jimmy but Batman isn’t having it. Batman knocks the camera out of Jimmy’s hands and swings away.

From there, Jimmy goes undercover as “Timmy Olsen.” He tries to infiltrate a Joker gang.

He tries to get a scoop and find out where there might be some criminal activity. He then runs into Batman again. Needless to say, his investigation does not go very well at all.

After that, we get to see trouble at a funeral. This is a pretty funny scene that I enjoyed very much. It also shows everyone that Jimmy Olsen is alive! We also get some other fun scenes and a sort of challenge sent to Jimmy from Batman. The whole thing is a lot of fun.

The story or stories here are very good. I have to say that my favorite part of the book is the art. Steve Lieber has long been one of my favorite artists and I am glad he is getting some notice on this book. This is a very solid issue indeed.





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