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‘The Question: The Deaths Of Vic Sage  #1’ (review)

Written by Jeff Lemire
Art by Denys Cowan
Published by DC Comics


The Question is one of my favorite comic book characters. I haven’t been enjoying the recent iteration of the character, so I was completely stoked when I heard this book was coming with this amazing creative team.

Jeff Lemire is an incredible writer and Denys Cowan is one of the best artists that The Question has ever had. This automatically went to the top of my reading list when I saw it come in the weekly pile!

The opening sequence shows The Question doing what The Question does best. He is stopping crime and beating up hoodlums. He is in a councilman’s home and he is bringing him down.

In just one scene, the creative team made me feel how I felt as a teenager discovering this character. It is just plain awesome.

After this scene, we get to see the Question become Vic Sage. We get to see Sage in his civilian identity. Lemire lets us see the person behind the Question mask a bit. It is very cool and Lemire nails the character perfect with his writing. It is really awesome.

Soon, Vic comes across a huge conspiracy. This conspiracy may tie into a few things in Hub City. It also may lead Vic to his demise. Watching The Question go and try to uncover the mystery is completely engaging. Lemire makes sure that every thing is clear and easy to follow, no matter how complicated things get. He makes sure that the reader is with him throughout the book.

The ending of the issue is so good that I don’t want to spoil it. It is really great that Lemire is able to tap into this character so well. It honestly feels like when Dennis O’Neill was writing this character. I mean that as a compliment because that was the last time that I remember liking this character this much.

And Denys Cowan is just an amazing artist. He is a classic Question artist and he has been around forever. But he does not miss a beat. This is some of the best work of his career.

So how do I feel about this book? Well, I can only say that this is pretty damn great. It is like an early holiday present has arrived. One that I am extremely thankful for.



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