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‘Detective Comics #1017’ (review)

Written by Tom Taylor
Art by Fernando Blanco
Published by DC Comics


This is a special issue written by Tom Taylor with artwork by Fernando Blanco. I love the work that these two creators have been doing separately on other comics. It is a real treat having them both working together on this title. I am happy to report that the pair have created one hell of a great issue.

The first two pages has a scene between Martha Wayne and a young Bruce Wayne. It is a sad and poignant scene where Martha talks to young Bruce about orphanages and the kids that go there.

It leads into the present where something is amiss in the Martha Wayne Orphanage that Bruce built to honor his mother.

Bruce is then seen as Batman doing some investigating with Lucius Fox. Batman is looking into tracking down some members of the Black Mask gang. Lucius tells Batman about some of the  weird happening at the orphanage.

Batman plans to investigate this and off we go!

First, Batman goes as Bruce Wayne to see what might be happening at the orphanage. Then, when that doesn’t yield any results, he joins up with Robin to monitor some of the happenings surrounding the place.

Days pass. Snow falls. Things get colder and colder. Finally, they discover who might be behind this whole event. In a nice twist, Bruce has to handle the villain of the piece in his civilian identity. It is a beautiful moment and splash page.

Taylor is a natural writer for Batman. He handles both aspects of the character perfectly. Blanco is a nice choice for the art as well. This is a well done story that is a nice collaboration between these two individual creators.



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