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‘Doom Patrol: Weight of the Worlds #6’ (review)

Written by Gerard Way
and Jeremy Lambert
Art by Omar Francia
Published by DC Comics


This series has been very different from the initial Young Animal launch. It is still very good and very creative but in a different way. I am loving what they are doing with it and hope it continues.

This here is one heck of an excellent issue indeed. It has just the right amount of craziness with some truly cool art.

Let me just start off by saying this: this issue is more nuts than it usually is.  It is an enjoyable nuts, however! This issue kicks off when an alien virtual reality machine goes haywire. This leaves the Doom Patrol trapped in this world with new aspects to their characters.

There are some really interesting moments here. The best part of the issue is seeing Robotman fight against these bug-like creatures.

Then he gets a video game type upgrade and ends up battling some other aliens from this video game world. It is very good and very enjoyable.

The issue just gets even more wacky from there. It gets very computer oriented with the art and it makes it a little hard to follow. Then at the end, Cliff turns into a giant planet and looks to fight another world. I somehow loved the craziness of this and it gave me a chuckle.

The story is as bizarre as can be, sometimes to it’s own detriment. The art is a mix of excellent and extremely bad. Francia gets some points for trying. It just lost me in some parts. I guess I was looking for some clarity in this madness. Which, if you think about it, might be be the wrong way to go on a title like this.



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