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Evolving Gaming Technologies: From Casino Game Graphics to VR Gesture Control

This is the age of gamers and the industry’s technology is only getting better. Developers are always looking for ways to improve areas like gameplay, accessibility and, of course, cost. Cloud computing seems to be the current key to the success of many advancements in video gaming. But the market is gradually introducing brand-new ideas to bring immersive entertainment to the next level. Here are four innovations to look forward to.


Enhanced Graphics

As the displays of TVs, computers and mobile devices improve, so does the visual quality of video games. Even Microgaming, a popular developer of online slots trusted on, goes the extra mile with its 800+ products. Especially themed games like The Dark Knight Rises and Battlestar Galactica feature cutting-edge online casino software, including superior graphics for any platform. Crisp and thrilling displays are main selling points for greater reigning titles like Resident Evil 7: Biohazard and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.


Cloud Gaming

This technology, spearheaded by Google Stadia, basically rids players of video games’ heavy tech requirements and studios of having to manufacture them all. Instead more and more companies are now providing cloud servers that contain the best titles on the market for gamers to access and play simultaneously online. details how its own RTX server works. The 40 NVIDIA Turing GPUs, 8U blade form factor and GRID vGaming software are mainly responsible for the smooth concurrent streaming of 160+ PC games. Mobile gaming performs even better. As a recent innovation, cloud gaming still has room for improvement, but is well on its way to market supremacy.


Face & Voice Recognition

Such technology is already being used by video game developers to flesh out characters and enhance users’ gaming experience and convenience. The incredible facial animation of Marvel’s Spider-Man, God of War and Batman: Arkham VR, for example, wouldn’t have been possible without the pioneering vision-based solutions explained on Ultimately, being able to capture your facial details and expressions can lead to better avatars, not to mention RPG main characters that look exactly like their players. Voice recognition software like Dragon Gaming Speech Pack and VR Speech Sandbox allow gamers to navigate and control devices through verbal commands.


Gesture Control

Another innovation to make gamers’ lives easier, companies like are creating gadgets that enable gaming with nothing but gestures. Kai is a small device worn around the hand. Then users of any hardware, from table top and handheld to VR and AR, can navigate their displays and play any compatible games through natural movements. In a few years’ time, mice and keyboards could be things of the past. Carpal tunnel syndrome too and other common health problems gamers face. Tech designers are definitely aiming for products that simplify but also upgrade the entertainment value of gaming.

Graphics is the best-established sector of the lot. Although the rest are already up and running, they’re still considered under development. Each year, however, brings us new and exciting advancements in making video gaming performance and convenience the best it can possibly be.



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