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‘Red Hood: Outlaw #40’ (review)

Written by Scott Lobdell
Art by David Messina
Published by DC Comics


This has been a great book.

Scott Lobdell really knocks it out of the park issue after issue. This newest storyline has been a nice change of pace and I really love the tone of it.

It really is a sleeper of a book. The stories are entertaining, action packed and completely well drawn.

Red Hood is taking his ragtag group of misfits on a mission to start off the issue. They see Lex Luthor’s symbol in the sky and they know that they are in for some trouble.

They all hit the street level and then it is time to get to work.

They eventually end up in the building that is their present home base. And, of course, that is when things get just a little bit tense.

There is an evil entity in the building and Red Hood and the gang run afoul of it.  There isn’t a lot of action, but the tension Lobdell and Messina create is quite good. This eventually leads into a reunion that I did not see coming!

Artemis and Bizarro are back! The Red Hood says hello to them. Just as he does, Artemis and Bizarro deck Jason. Just what is going on here? It looks like the answer to that question will have to wait as this is the cliffhanger we are left off on.

The creative team do a great job here. It does feel like not a lot happens here though. It is entertaining for sure but there weren’t a lot of story beats. What is there is great though and this is a pretty fine issue overall.



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