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‘Second Coming #5’ (review)

Written by Mark Russell 
Art by Richard Pace
and Leonard Kirk
Published by Ahoy Comics


So, let us get one thing out of the way right away: This is the best new comic book series of the year by any publisher.

I don’t say that lightly. But it is true.

Mark Russell and Richard Pace have created one hell of a masterpiece. It is smart, funny, and it is extremely well illustrated.

The opening pages of the book have Sunstar and his girlfriend receiving a letter from the leader of a foreign country called Cherkya.

The letter tells them that it is known that the two of them can’t adopt children.

The leader offers them to come to their land and they can have their choice of children.

Then, Jesus comes out and says that he is off to hang with some of his followers. This sets up some of the fun that is to follow.

After this, we get to see God and the Devil having a bit of a a discussion. They talk about how God overthrew the Devil. The Devil tells God how he broke his heart. The Devil also tells God how lonely he is.

Then came the funniest moment in the issue. They are at a cafe and God sticks The Devil with the check.

Things then get even crazier in this issue. Sunstar flies over to Cherkya to talk to Zazu Gorman, the dictator of Cherkya. Why not, right? The dictator shows him around! Sunstar really wants to have a child to take home so he goes along with it.

Then, this storyline takes a dark turn that also made me laugh out loud.

God then talks to Jesus on behalf of Satan. Satan wants to come back to God’s Kingdom. Jesus and God talk about it. By the end of the issue, they come up with an idea. And the whole thing ends at a really unexpected place.

What can I say about this creative team that I haven’t said yet? Well, they are both geniuses. The story that they have created is great. And Pace is fast becoming one of my favorite artists. This is a great book that is good for those who love comics and for those who have never read one, but would like to see the best that the form has to offer.



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