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‘The Last God #2’ (review)

Written by Phillip Kennedy Johnson
Art by Ricardo Federici
Published by DC Comics


This book had a really incredible first issue. It was full of invention and creativity.

This issue picks right up where that one left off and it is really damn great. I have to say that Phillip Kennedy Johnson has written one of the most original fantasy stories that I have read in a while. The artwork compliments it perfectly!

The issue was describes as the following: As the horrifying forces of the Last God descend upon the city of Tyrgolad, our intrepid heroes-Queen Cyanthe, Eyvindr, and Veikko al Mun-must either defend or escape their crumbling stronghold and contend with dark legacy left behind in King Tyr’s wake.

To be honest, you kind of need to read the first issue and take notes as to what that actually means.

But I promise it is totally worth it.

It is completely enthralling, in fact. The beginning of this issue has the fellowship that is after the Last God coming across a cabin. They are looking for clues that could possibly lead them to the villain. They are coming up short. They then go back on the road!

We get a flashback to an older battle that is absolutely stunning.

The attention to the detail in the art is especially impressive. We then get to see the fellowship go deeper and deeper into the darkness. They are attacked by some strange beings. A huge fight happens. It is exhilarating and even a bit breathtaking.

The team eventually makes it out of that fight and they regroup. They barely have a chance to catch their breath though before they find themselves in quite a pickle for the cliffhanger. It was a hell of a high note to leave off on.

Philip Kennedy Johnson has written one hell of an original book. This is fantasy at it’s best. The art makes the whole package complete and completely elevates the story. This is an underrated gem.



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