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The Wild Adventures Announces ‘Tarzan Conqueror of Mars’

The Wild Adventures series of novels is pleased to announce that award-winning illustrator Romas Kukalis has agreed to paint the cover for its next release, Tarzan, Conqueror of Mars.

Known professionally as Romas, Kukalis has for several decades specialized in fantasy and science fiction art. Best known for his colorful covers for Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Darkover books and Anne McCaffrey’s Rowan series, he won the World Fantasy Award in 1991.

For this long-awaited crossover adventure, which finds Edgar Rice Burroughs’ immortal ape-man marooned on the planet Mars, Romas is working on a wraparound cover depicting Tarzan attired in Barsoomian regalia, wielding a sword of exotic metal, two of his savage Martian allies looming in the background.

Author Will Murray says, “I just approved the color comp, and believe me, it is breathtaking. Fans of Tarzan have always wanted to see him tested on Mars, and tested he is. His adventures will bring him into conflict with Burroughs’ other great hero, John Carter, Warlord of Warlords. This is an epic story of survival and a desperate quest to return to Earth. Romas’s fantastic art depicts planetary elements and creatures of Mars both classic and previously unseen.”

“It is a very great honor to be depicting this iconic character,” the artist adds, “and humbling to follow the many fine artists who have done so.”

Fully authorized by Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc., Tarzan, Conqueror of Mars, will be released through Altus Press by Christmas, 2019 in softcover, hardcover and e-book editions.

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