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What Every Adventurous Family Should Have for a Road Trip

What could possibly be better than taking a few days off to spend with the family? I will tell you what, an off-the-cuff, possibly a moment of complete genius, a spontaneous road trip with papa bear, mama bear and baby bear. Now, whether you’re a regular road tripper, or if this is just your first rendezvous with what is known as a recreational vehicle (RV).

if you have the confidence and daringness to brand both the family and yourself as an ‘adventurous family’ then here are a few tips that may come in handy. Though first, buckle up partner.


RV essentials

Before you embark on the impossible mission of getting around the states in an RV with your teenagers or children, you must make notes of these necessary and absolutely life-saving essentials. Keep in mind that there will come a day where you are driving in a desert or up a hill with no connection to existing life, virtually stuck in the middle of nowhere and it is crucial that you pack on the basis.

  • Flashlight
  • Emergency Road Kit
  • Battery Jumper Cables
  • Surge Protector
  • Electrical Adapters
  • Toilet Chemicals
  • Sewer Kit
  • Water Pressure Regulator
  • Tire Pressure Gauge
  • Electrical and Duct Tape
  • Extra Motor Oil and Transmission Fluid
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Air Compressor
  • Mobile Hotspot for Wi-Fi

You will want to add some kitchen and cooking supplies, food staples, your clothing items, as well as your bedroom items, toiletries, camping, and outdoor ‘fun’ gear and under no circumstance will you ever want to forget to pack a first aid kit.


For the adventurous

Now, to get to the matter at hand, it is important that when you revise your list of essentials, perhaps introduce a few small modifications will make it all the more worthwhile. For instance, you may like to opt for a smart backpack. Over at the high tech society, the tech experts have greatly expressed the many versatile uses a smart backpack may bring, kindly contriving a list for the best smart backpacks for 2019. Supporting the groovy feature of a built-in power brick, today’s tech-savvy thrill-seekers can enjoy the perks of a USB charging port while on one of their long and painful, still fun, hikes.

No adventure is ever complete without insurance. That way you will not be carrying the worry of having to pay for damages the insurance is liable for when on the road. Also, walkie talkies are fun as they are essential. You may find yourself caught in the unenviable position of a ‘no service’ zone. In such cases, pop out these walkie talkies, hand one to each and roam around freely without a care in the world.


Things you may want to consider

When going on for days, seemingly without end, what you may want to bring with you on this trip is a quiet generator, preferably one with a remote start. They usually have enough power in them to fire up your AC, or really anything else you may need. The reason you will want a quiet generator is so that you may enjoy and relish the silent harmonies played by Mother Nature herself. It is a great piece of tech that will help you de-stress tremendously.

Of course, your favorite DVD’s should find their way on-board. Though, by being adventurous, you will want to include several horror movies for those late-night campfires. But do not forget to bring a ‘get cozy’ stash of DVD’s, for when the kids go to sleep. Nothing speaks more fluent in romance than a romantic movie starring heartthrob, Richard Gere.

Another thing you will want to bring with you is a hammock. Especially for when you park for the night by a nice and quiet lake. This is when you will feel the calm impact of the hammock rush within you. Though, do not forget to pack a fishing rod or two, for when and if you pass by a lake. It could very well procure you the night’s dinner.

You must know, road trips are not at all easy affairs. Though, if there is one thing that has been made unanimous in this universe, it is that the fun and thrill you will get from spending some time with your family in some good ole quiet is unmatched and unrivaled. Yes, you may come across a bear or two, yes, you will suffer from zero mobile phone reception, but that is what it is all about. So forget about all the city car honking, and treat yourself to some of Mother Nature’s best and the most beautiful sceneries.



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