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‘Young Justice #11’ (review)

Written by Brian Michael Bendis
Art by John Timms 
Published by DC Comics


“Great Freaking Scott!”


The kids of Young Justice are back on Earth!

In sort-of Portland.

Sleeping over at Naomi’s.

That may sound a little strange and anti-climactic, but in fact it turns out to be a rather lovely way to introduce the team to Naomi and her world, (along with her other world), especially given that events pick up there, immediately after the life-changing events in Naomi’s own mini-series from earlier this year.

Like, pretty much exactly immediately. How strange to have Drake, Conner and the team pop up from their wild, multi-dimensional adventures, just then. And how unlikely is it that the same doctor from S.T.A.R. Labs who first sent Superboy packing off to Gemworld a reality reboot or two ago, should also be on-site, investigating the interdimensional phenomena of Naomi’s own little run-in with the Multiverse?

Conner doesn’t think it’s likely at all. So, so much for the R&R. (Conner doesn’t need it anyway.)

And away we go!

Nice to be reminded (like we didn’t know it was coming) that Mr. Bendis likes to play the long-game. Not sure where Spoiler comes in, but so far everything is coming together very nicely. From the look of things, Ms. Stephanie Brown is going to have to wait.

Everything about this issue is what we’ve come to expect from this run of Young Justice – lots of fun, family, and just a little freaked out… and picking up new members left and right, it seems.

So, where’s Snapper Carr?

Next Issue: More Multiverse Madness! (You didn’t think it was over?) Yet another lost Crisis property hits the page! (It’s almost like a sign.)


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