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Choosing A VPN Based On Your Nerd Needs

We all know that the internet is a mix of all sorts of strange and interesting characters. It’s a playground for the informative, for the curious and, at its most disconcerting, surveillance firms.

This is, of course, an inevitability in our modern world. There are people who want to track and trace everything that we do. The reasons range from innocuous to totally criminal. It’s because of this that people are adopting VPNs more and more.

But for the average user, the question remains: “Which VPN should I use? “ Well, fellow nerds, the answer may be in how you use it. It depends on how many devices you’re trying to encrypt and how deep down the safety rabbit hole you really need to go. When it comes to you and your needs, nobody can tell you what’s adequate. Necessary.

Here’s how you can choose a VPN based off of your nerdy needs.



For a basic encryption protocol that’s readily available and on most devices already, is your PPTP protocol. It was founded and created by a branch of Microsoft and continues to be the choice globally for medium-level and very fast service. So if your primary concern is lag and streaming this might be the best option. It’s reliable and continually tweaked—and has been since the mid 90’s. The PPTP protocol is cheap, fast, and is usually under the umbrella of free. It is the standard for business and internal networks. This protocol assumes that you’re not doing nothing, that takes a ton of relative bandwidth and computing power. So if you’re in need of some geo-blocked streaming like Netflix, you’re in luck.



If you talk to anybody who is anybody in the tech world, their preferred VPN is always going to be the OpenVPN Protocol. It’s the granddaddy of encryption as of now. The open-source code is continuously combed and improved to make it the best that it can be. It can bypass firewalls. It can be customized and configured to your specific needs. It even supports a variety of cryptic algorithms. There are even free VPNs that use this protocol There’s a downside though: it’s a bit tricky to set up. So if you’re in the market to buy a high level nerd-approved VPN and your technical abilities are on point, you should go ahead and jump on the OpenVPN train.


There Are Ones To Avoid

The above VPN protocols are industry standards. But there is a whole world of fake VPNs. No matter what your nerd needs are, you should always do your research. Do your due diligence and look through the forum. Look through the blogs. Find your VPN based on positive reviews, not the most convenient for you to download. More often than not, the top advertised and horribly rated VPNs could be trouble.

Finding your perfect VPN is just part for the customization of your digital use. It’s a detail that completes the truly personal computer setup. So from the hardware down to how well you’re protected as you weave through the net, you can rest assured that it is truly your uniquely tailored experience.


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