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‘Star Wars: The Rise of Kylo Ren #2’ (review)

Written by Charles Soule
Art by Will Sliney
Published by Marvel Comics


Some would say the events of The Rise of Kylo Ren should have been in the sequel trilogy of films.

The previous issue completely changed what we were told in The Last Jedi about the destruction of Luke Skywalker’s Jedi temple.

In the aftermath, Ben Solo sought refuge with Snoke, who looked different from his on-screen incarnation and hardly resembles a Supreme Leader.

Charles Soule’s engaging storytelling is highlighted by Snoke and Ben’s interaction.

Ben considers Snoke a friend and mentor; he can turn to when things go south.

Snoke treats Ben with kid gloves while presenting himself as an exceedingly wise individual minus being an agent of evil.

Ben asked Snoke about the Knights of Ren, believing they can help him become who he wants to be.

Seeing Ben’s desire for membership subverted expectations because we’ve always known him to be the KOR leader.

Specific names and bits of information divulged indicate how long Snoke and The First Order have been in cahoots, which he kept close to the vest. It doesn’t appear Snoke is their leader just yet, and it’s revealed that Ben had never heard of them at the time of these events.

Snoke’s advice lead Ben to seek out KOR by looking to the past. This brings about a flashback scene where Ben Solo, as a child along with Luke Skywalker first encountered the KOR.

Charles Soule gives us a taste of the all-powerful Master Skywalker many wanted to see in Episode XIII. Soule also did a great job of adding more nuance to the KOR’s fundamental understanding of the Force, which they refer to as the Shadow.

Will Sliney’s depictions remain consistent in presenting the look and feel of a Star Wars story. Besides a particular unmasking, the illustrations don’t convey that wow factor, but there are no complaints with the artwork exhibited.

A great Star Wars comic book presents something new while enhancing our understanding and appreciation for the films. Charles Soule accomplishes this in spades. Snoke and Ben’s interaction here argument their verbal spat aboard the Supremacy in The Last Jedi while learning more about the Knights of Ren, who didn’t get a chance to shine in the Rise of Skywalker.

Overall, this second installment is an intriguing offering that moves forward in the past.

Rating: B+



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