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‘The Flash #87’ (review)

Written by Joshua Williamson
Art by Christian Duce
Published by DC Comics


This is is aftermath of the “Rogues Reign” storyline and it is a doozy of an issue. Series writer Joshua Williamson has done a great job closing out the previous storyline while making way for a new one. It is completely awesome and I loved this issue very much.

The opening of this book is super cool.

After a great splash page of the Flash fighting Captain Cold, we get to see the two of them captured as prisoners. The Flash says to Cold, “Beard looks good” which prompts a hilarious response from Leonard Snart.

This is a humorous and fun way to begin the book.

After this, we get to see a verbal battle between the hero and the villain. Williamson really struts his stuff here as the dialogue is perfect. I loved when Snart says to Barry that he knows that he is a cop because he can smell it.

He also tells Barry not to hit on his sister which is a hilarious moment to be sure.

Things start to get really intense between the two of them. Snart accuses Barry of being just like him. Of course, this doesn’t sit too well with Barry and the two of them really get into it. Things then get dark really fast.

You have to commend artist Christian Duce. The beginnings of this issue is just two guys sitting handcuffed and talking. Yet, he makes it work really well and actually makes it extremely dynamic. It is impressive and not an easy task yet Duce makes it look like a walk in the park.

After that, the pair end up in Arkham Asylum where they are freed from their restraints. Then, Captain Cold organizes a breakout. Cold and his cohorts escape. It is an ominous moment.

Then, we get to see the Barry from the future appear. He talks about a villain named Paradox.

Who is this villain? What does he want?

This is the cliffhanger that this excellent issue leaves us off on. I can’t wait to see what happens.




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