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‘Legion of Super Heroes #4’ (review)

Written by Brian Michael Bendis
Art by Mikel Janin and Ryan Sook
Published by DC Comics


Hey! Remember the Legion Of Super Heroes?

They are back! But you can hardly recognize them.

That is because writer Brian Michael Bendis is writing a story that doesn’t have anything that makes it dynamic. The art is pretty excellent but the whole thing feels empty.

This issue boasts that it features the “secret origin of the Legion.” It starts off with  a page that tries to be cute and funny but fails terribly.

It is just so flat, it is almost laughable in the attempt. We then see Jon Kent flying around with a couple of members of the Legion.

They fly to the Legion’s headquarters and they decide to show Superboy the Legion’s past.

So, we all go with the gang to see the Legion’s humble beginnings. And things get extremely silly very quickly. Bendis tries to do his usual “cutesy” work here to talk about the Legion’s origins.

And it doesn’t work at all. The only thing that is good in this part is Mikel Janin’s art. The rest of it is a typical Bendis flashback.

This whole thing made me tune out of the issue. Instead of making something new, Bendis just does the usual. He toes the line. And it is almost upsetting.

So after we get back to the present, we just get a cliffhanger.

Let me just say as well that it is a cliffhanger that isn’t very exciting. The whole thing feels phoned in.

Bendis doesn’t have a feel for these characters and it shows. Ryan Sook and Janin are great artists but their artwork can’t save this book.

Reading it feels like a long trip to nowhere.



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