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‘Teen Titans #39’ (review)

Written by Adam Glass,
Robbie Thompson 

Art by Eduardo Pansica
Published by DC Comcis


“Hang on. Are all Djinn’s related?”


Good question, Roundhouse.

One I’ve been wondering about for a while now.

And now’s as good a time to find out as any, as the team rallies together to save their friend and teammate Djinn (the cute, teenage one, that is) from her prison in Purgatory. That’s no small task, so their first stop is a visit to Djinn’s big brother Elias, with a plan that’s sure to get the drop on him.

If only Elias hadn’t been waiting for this moment for the last several millennia.

Title author Adam Glass is off to greener pastures with a show on Netflix this year, so he’s finishing things off in collaboration with Robbie Thompson, who will likely continue the run going forward. If there is a run. Mr. Thompson comes aboard with new artist Eduardo Pansica – along with a surprise guest star who we haven’t seen much of for quite some time.

Someone with a certain bright pink genie of his own. (Say it with me now.)

It’s a family reunion, in more ways than one, and while it’s good to see the Titans finally operating as a team again, it looks like Elias has plans that involve more than just his sister, in a bid for power that’s headed straight to the vaults of Heaven itself.

Leaving our team with few options if they’re going to save the day. And none of them good.

Pansica is an accomplished artist with a talent for composition and big moments, but his work doesn’t bring quite the same bold pizazz that Bernard Chang brought to the book and these characters over the last year.

Not that what we have this month is bad, but with a new creative team on deck there is a whole tonal shift to the book, one that does take some getting used to. And I won’t lie, I’m sorry we won’t see Glass and Chang end things together after working together so well on this project all year long.

It remains to be seen if Mssrs. Thompson and Pansica will carry off the epic scale of what was surely meant to be Adam Glass’ closing arc on a stretch of groundbreaking Teen Titans stories that has had more than its share of twists and turns and gotcha moments. But they’re off to a good start anyway.

Now if only Damian can refrain from leading the team down any more garden paths….

Or not.

Next Issue: Highway to Hell


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