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‘The Green Lantern: Season Two #1’ (review)

Written by Grant Morrison
Art by Liam Sharp 
Published by DC Comics


A Great Rebirth is imminent – the Cosmic Grail has awoken and summons us to fulfill our destiny, laid down since the days of Krona.

We depart to fight the Ultrawar. A conflict shadowed here below as the Multi-Crisis – ”


And just like that… we’re back.

Back to the prime DC universe where the Green Lantern Corp still exists, unchanged by the great Wishing Machine of Mu and his Blackstar Legion.

Back to Oa, just in time for an unusual and unexpected Corp recruitment drive.

Back to Space Sector 2814, with a planet we know well.

And… back to planet Maltus, ancient birthplace of the Guardians of the Universe themselves.

For it seems that the remaining ancients of Oa have a new destiny before them, one they must transcend to a higher plane to fulfill. In their absence, a new breed of Guardians has been engineered to take their place. One superior to their predecessors in every way.

Of course, that upgrade includes DNA from the Controllers, so I hope the mysterious Mother Juna knows just what she’s doing. Certainly, these new Young Guardians aren’t wasting any time stepping into their role and laying down the Law as they see it.

But that’s what happens when the old is washed away to be replaced by the new. Sometimes, you just have to roll with it.

And hey, as long as we’re embracing the idea of upgrades, wait till you see some of the features Hal discovers in his ring courtesy of a brand-new Power Battery.

Evolution is the word of the day it seems, and you can be sure there’s enough action and pageantry to properly usher in Grant Morrison’s vision for Season Two of his outstanding run of The Green Lantern. The great Liam Sharp and Steve Oliff are on hand as well, with a jump on the year, and a whopping 30 pages of Sharp’s distinctive flair for all the weird and wild the Green Lantern Universe has to offer.

Making this, once again, one of the best books on the shelves right now.

We even get a brief reunion with Lanterns John Stewart and Jessica Cruz of Earth, a welcome nod to the extended family of DC’s Earth Lanterns.

Hal’s perfectly happy to let his colleagues play for the home team while he remains free to roam the wide open spaces of the Universe. But these new Young Guardians have other plans in store for Hal.

So, like it or not, it looks like this latest, greatest adventure for Green Lantern Jordan will be taking him to some old familiar stomping grounds once again. With all the interesting possibilities that involves.

Just in time for the year-long ramp up of a potential brand-new DCU Crisis. One which is sure to feature the planet Earth prominently.

Sorry. Planets Earth, plural.

You know. It’s complicated.

Next Issue: Home is where the Heart is.



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