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The Influence of Pop Culture

Pop culture is a huge force in our modern, western world.

The Mickey Mouses, Golden Arches, Pac-Mans and Supermans of our age have an immense impact on industries other than their own; just take a look at the city you live inand you’ll see plentiful examples of that most ambiguous of ideas, horizontal integration.

As we brush aside any Orwellian assertions of a ‘culture industry’, the influence of pop on other mediums and industries has created excellent pieces of film, games that keep the player’s heart pounding and even themed casino games that take the best facets of well known figures and series into new locales of lavishness!

So in what ways has pop culture exerted its influence?


In Film

Comic Book icons such as Spider-Man, Superman and Batman are iconic, yet tap in to the innate feeling we all feel sometimes- super powers! Who wouldn’t want to glide through the air at the speed of sound, save money on Halloween web decorations or flip over that annoying boss’ car after a heady day at the office?

Film ports of comic book characters have always been popular; even Arnie’s rather reprehensible portrayal of Mr Freeze in Batman & Robin– “Let’s kick some ice”- achieved great box office figures.

Of late, comic book film installments have been released by the dozen, driven in part by the enormous advances in computer generated imagery and special effects achieved within the industry. With each new release, the Marvel Cinematic Universe takes a deeper dive into it’s source material and reinvents itself for huge audiences worldwide.


Casino Games

If you’re a regular visitor of online casinos, are you utilizing If so you’ll know it’s a one-stop shop for information on legal landbased & online casinos across the US. Here you have access to information and reviews on US casinos as well as access to the best casino online promotions, bonuses, and rewards.  As gaming has become entertainment, it’s draw has only increased with movies such as the Ocean’s Eleven franchise and Guy Ritchie films including Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels, and Revolver.


Video Gaming

The heady days of the movie-computer game port are, luckily, behind us.

No gamer forgets the period during the early 2000s when, seemingly with every new action movie release, a new, mediocre, video game would be cobbled together in the space of under a year to milk the cash cow. Thankfully that era is long behind us, and production houses have heeded the call to make good quality games of our favorite franchises with anticipation high for the upcoming Marvel’s Avengers and Predator: Hunting Grounds.

It works the other way too, as movies such as Pokémon Detective Pikachu and Rampage were financial successes and critics and fans embraced Netflix’s The Witcher.  Among the big releases coming include Monster Hunter, Sonic the Hedgehog and a revamped Mortal Kombat.



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