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‘Wonder Woman #752’ (review)

Written by Steve Orlando
Art by Max Raynor
Published by DC Comics


“No kinship for a fellow warrior? What has become of honor in this time?”

“It’s evolved.”


Wonder Woman wades deeper into Boston lifestyle this month.

And faces off against the appropriately named Iron Maiden, a medieval knight with a rather colorful fashion sense, and a temper to match.

Where Iron Maiden’s come from, and what she’s doing here now, is a bit of a mystery.

But author Steve Orlando doesn’t waste the opportunity for a pitched girl-on-girl battle, before doing anything to answer that question.

One that doesn’t do anything to assuage Detective Nunes’ concerns that Wonder Woman’s presence in her town is maybe such a great idea.

But speaking of origin stories, never fear, because this issue gives us plenty of backstory on Diana’s newest nemesis, Paula von Gunther, aka Warmaster.

Von Gunther is an old Wonder Woman foe, one we’ve seen many iterations of over the years, most notably in Nazi regalia, most recently during Princess Diana’s stint with the now defunct spy operation, A.R.G.U.S. Orlando is skilled enough to take that template, and update it for a modern era of Wonder Woman, by linking Paula to a certain ancient Norse heritage that has pit her family against the Amazons of Themyscira for thousands of years.

Now von Gunther has reclaimed her birthright, and with it the resolve to avenge her people – by destroying Wonder Woman once and for all. Already she’s convinced the mad, Titan-born Devastation to join her cause. Now they only need two more Horsewomen to complete their ranks – and bring about the Beginning of the End for Princess Diana.

And that spells trouble for someone in Diana’s life.

The talented Max Raynor lends his artistic chops this month to help Orlando and the team put together a classic, old-fashioned comic tale, the first of a two-parter tale that looks to be setting the stage for one of the greatest challenges of Wonder Woman’s career.

Here’s hoping the wielder of the Golden Perfect is up to the job.

Next Issue: Engine of Destruction



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