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‘X-Men/Fantastic Four #1’ (review)

Written by Chip Zdarsky
Art by Terry Dodson
Published by Marvel Comics


The X-Men have had one hell of a resurgence recently thanks to writer Jonathan Hickman.

The rebooted franchise has become one of the best X-Men storylines in quite awhile.

And now, Marvel has the X-Men crossing over with the Fantastic Four.

Hickman isn’t writing it but that is okay. Chip Zdarsky is an awesome writer and he more than delivers with this book.

The issue starts off on the beaches of Krakoa with Kitty Pryde having a conversation with Storm. It is a pretty cool opening as the creative team show shows the various characters and where they are now.

And that is when we get to dig a little deeper into this new land.

Kitty goes and sees Professor X and Magneto. They have a conversation about Franklin Richards and how he recently averted an alien invasion. The three of them have a discussion about him and it gets intense. It is at that point that Kitty is told that she is going to recruit Franklin Richards to Krakoa.

What can possibly go wrong?

After this, we catch up with the Fantastic Four. We get to see Reed trying to help Franklin. Reed has a conversation with Sue Richards. He is getting discouraged and Sue tries to calm him down. Meanwhile, Ben Grimm takes Franklin out for a bite to eat. They discuss Franklin’s current predicament a bit. That is when things start to really take off.

The X-Men show up. And of course, all hell breaks loose. It is damn awesome, too. And the X-Men eventually take Franklin away. This leads to amazing cliffhanger where Doctor Doom makes an appearance.

This is a cool comic book. Zdarsky does a great job writing this. He is a natural writing both teams. And Dodson does a great job drawing this.

I look forward to seeing where this series leads us.



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