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Are There Signs Your Partner May Be Cheating?

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For many couples, the thought that one person may be cheating can have a devastating impact. Even if there is no clear indication or proof that they are cheating, for the other partner the very thought of it can lead to paranoia, misery, distrust, and total anguish. Being in limbo and not knowing the truth one way or another can feel worse than finding out a partner is definitely cheating.

If you are suspicious that your partner may be cheating, but you are not sure, it is well worth looking out for signs that might indicate they are playing away. There are various signs that could indicate your partner is cheating, although you should never jump to conclusions unless you have definitive evidence. In this article, we will look at some of the signs that could be an indication of what your partner is up to.

Some Signs to Consider

There are various signs that can indicate your partner is cheating, so it is well worth looking out for them. One thing you may notice is a sudden and very noticeable increase in calls being received and made. Not only this, but your partner may behave suspiciously when taking calls, such as moving out of the room or not answering the call as long as you are there. If you feel suspicious or you believe your partner may be lying about who called, there are tools you can use. For instance, there are sites that show you everything from how to check criminal records to how to find out who has been calling.

Another thing to look out for are changes in your partner’s use of social media. A huge number of people who are cheating will use social media to interact with the other person through private messaging. So, you may notice that your partner acts far more suspiciously when using social media these days, such as positioning themselves so you cannot see their screen. They may spend a lot more time on social media, they might close their laptop or put down their smart device when you come into the room, and you may hear far more notifications coming through on their private messenger.

You should also look out for changes in terms of the way your partner is with you. This can often be a reflection of other things. For example, your partner may have loved snuggling and cuddling with you in the past, but now they tend to keep their distance. When it comes to intimacy, they may suddenly have gone off sex altogether whereas they may have been eager in the past. This could mean they are getting what they want elsewhere, although this is not necessarily the case as there can be other reasons behind a sudden lack of intimacy.

If you notice a combination of these behaviors in your partner, there is a chance they are cheating. You then need to decide whether you want to confront them and where you will go from there.


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