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‘Batman #90’ (review)

Written by James Tynion IV
Art by Jorge Jimenez
Published by DC Comics


I may be the only one out here who can’t stand writer James Tynion’s run on this title.

It has been incredibly crazy and not in a good way. He seems to have a lot balls up in the air here and he can’t seem to manage them.

I am not sure what his goal is. This is another issue of extremely weird storytelling, at least in my book.

The opening of the book has Deathstroke on a motorcycle. Harley Quinn plays with Deathstroke over the radio. It is kind of a dumb scene that doesn’t add up to much.

From there we get to see Batman and Catwoman standing on a roof. They have a conversation. Catwoman is feeling pretty guilty about something.

We get to see a flashback of what Catwoman did to impact this story. That is also when we meet the new villain everyone is talking about called the Designer.

He comes off as a boring villain who likes to talk. This is when the story really falls off the rails for me.

Catwoman, the Riddler, the Penguin and the Joker join the guy. Something devastating happens that is apparently supposed to show how evil the Designer is. But it falls short and is a little bizarre.

Then, we flash forward to present day where Batman jumps off a roof proclaiming that he is going to “lose it all.”

What can I say about this that is good?

Well, the art is nice. Jiminez is an excellent artist. The writing is all over the place, however. Tynion apparently is disregarding Tom King’s run on Batman. He has no idea how to write the relationship between Selina and Bruce. This is another dull chapter of this new direction.

Right now, I don’t find it the least bit involving.



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