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‘Batman: Overdrive’ (review)

Written by Shea Fontana
Art by Marcelo DiChiara
Published by DC Ink / DC Comics


I have a theory.

The reason some characters stop appearing on page or screen is that they are not malleable. There may have been great Tarzan stories, but there are only so many Tarzan stories you can tell.

On the other hand, you have Sherlock Holmes, who has been written as everything from a clever, Victorian-era action hero to a pill popping misanthropic Princeton doctor…Each time Sherlock bends, his story continues to be told.

Then there’s Batman.

Adam West Batman. Frank Miller Batman. Batman Beyond. Christian Bale Batman. The Brave And The Bold Batman.

Now we have a new formula.

Batman mixed with Fast and the Furious, add a dash of Breakfast Club.

Batman Overdrive is the story of a young Bruce Wayne. Circumstances have him investigating a car theft ring. We see glimpses of the angry, driven Batman. But Shea Fontana is not here to write a brooding, clichéd Batman.

Our soon to be Dark Knight is like any other teenager. He has a bully in Alberto Falcone. A troubled relationship with his father figure and butler, Alfred. We are introduced to two friends, in the form of Mateo Diaz and Selina Kyle.

Bruce Wayne’s temper leads him to mistakenly accuse Alfred of assisting in the murder of the Waynes. His drive leads him to an investigation of the car theft ring and Falcone family shenanigans. But we see a young Wayne making room in his life for friends and a new extended family.

Marcelo DiChiara’s art does a great job of guiding the reader and driving the story. It really is perfect for a book aimed at young adults. It gives a great perspective of the adults and teenagers in the story, without making the teenagers feel too young or too old.

If you’re shopping for someone who is in that pre teen to teen bracket. This book would make a solid gift. Especially if the individual is a reader who is interested in super hero shows and animation.

If you are already a comic book readers or Bat-Fan, it’s a great way to kick back and read a breezy story.



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