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‘Billionaire Island #1’ (review)

Written by Mark Russell
Art by Steve Pugh
Published by Ahoy Comics


This book continues the winning streak of writer Mark Russell. This time he is reunited with his The Flintstones collaborator, artist Steve Pugh.

This is one incredible book as well; It’s funny, topical, and very pointed.

The book starts out by showing us the television station called “Caviar.”

It is the year 2044 and this network is a private channel for billionaires by billionaires. We get to see the host, Rick Canto,  complaining about how things aren’t the way they used to be. That’s when Canto introduces a place called Freedom Unlimited.

Freedom Unlimited is an artificial island in the Gulf of Mexico.

The description of it by the host is absolutely hysterical. This is a place only for billionaires and their servants.

And the best part?

No taxes!

We also learn that the island was created for the rich to wait out the apocalypse.

But there is a lot going on behind the glossy exterior of the island.

We get to see a man tied up to a bed. Apparently, the man is responsible for all of the white men suddenly becoming sterile. We see a little bit of back story and then we then catch up again with Rick Canto. We get to see him do an interview with a reporter from the Miami Herald, Shelley Bly. An incident happens that forces Canto to take Bly to the island.

And that is when things take off. We get to see certain facets of the island through Ms. Bly’s eyes. Some crazy things happen. Bly gets locked up in a cage with as couple of other people. The cage drops money on them. With this, Russell gives us his sharpest commentary yet. It shows how people act around a little bit of money. And it is comedically horrifying.

The end gives us a nice look at what is ahead for the book. And it is very damn exciting.

Will Bly get out of the cage? What is Canto’s endgame? And what does the man named Spagnola fit into it all?

Russell and Pugh give us a great first issue for a book that is destined to be a classic. Worth checking out.




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