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‘Falcon & Winter Soldier #2’ (review)

Written by Derek Landy
Art by Federico Vincentini
Published by Marvel Comics


Comic book covers used to be a promise. When you didn’t know what happened next. When there was no online news outlets or advanced solicitations.

For the most part I’ve ignored them. But this cover, this cover grabs you. This cover promises to be action packed. The book inside delivers.

While Chapter One set the table, this issue serves up the action and danger. It raises the stakes and shows us the dynamic between Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson.

Our story opens with our heroes recovering from a beat down by our young villain. Right away we see the chemistry between Falcon and Winter Soldier. I was not expecting Tango and Cash, but that is what we get. It’s fun and spry. It works.

I am a sucker for the action scene set on a train. It’s the closed space, the danger and stakes involved in being on a locomotive that is barreling down the track. I swear Under Siege 2 is underrated .

Anyway, between this issue and last month’s Harley Quinn Black Label book, I’m sensing a trend.

This train sequence takes place over several pages. It takes advantage of the pacing a comic book allows. The smaller panels used in some places does add to the claustrophobic feeling of fighting in a small space. Every punch and kick is felt.

This sequence leads us to the reintroduction, or is it a re-reintroduction?

It serves as a reminder that in comics no one stays dead. All the action leads us to a last page that will both make you laugh and leave you with anticipation for the next issue.

I am not very familiar with Derek Laney’s prior work. But a quick glance shows young adult novels that appear as entertaining as his work here. It’s easy to see why Marvel reached out to him.

Federico Vicentini definitely knows what he is doing. Action scenes with multiple characters can easily turn into a confusing, chaotic mess on a comic book page. Here it flows and tells it’s story

Certainly looking forward to the next issue.



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