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‘Star Wars: Bounty Hunters #2’ (review)

Written by Ethan Sacks
Art by Paolo Villanelli
Published by DC Comics


Remember the name, Nakano Lash.

She has the biggest bounty in the galaxy on her head for a job gone wrong. Usually, it would be bad enough that cyborg bounty hunter Beilert Valance, Bossk, and Boba Fett are hot on her trail.

However, every bounty hunter in the galaxy is also after her. A new player has entered the fray and convinced the client to assist them in finding Lash.

They also said they would do it for free.

The thing is, Bobba Fett already ensured the client that his services are on the house.

Sure, the new bounty hunter is a skilled fighter but still an unknown.

The plot point failed to resonate since the best in the game today is already doing it for virtually the same reason.

The artwork was a little bit jumbled this time around. The first half of the book doesn’t resemble the style of the first issue, but the second half does.

This was odd; it almost felt as if there was a different artist assigned to the book. Bombastic illustrations highlighting some cool fight scenes made for a visual delight.

Unfortunately, we’re no closer to discovering what caused Lash to betray her crew. Instead, Ethan Sacks used most of the narrative to establish new plot threads and flashback moments that showed how Valance and Lash first met.

Lash ended up taking a bitter Valance under her wing after he was disposed of by The Empire. It was nice to see the emotional connection between the two; however, it didn’t stick the landing. Lash, for the most part, is still an unknown entity in Star Wars.

Having a character, we know little about being responsible for the plot’s connective tissue didn’t feel earned when there is a mystery involved.

Overall, this second installment lacked the oomph of the series’ maiden voyage. Hopefully, Sacks has now introduced enough elements to hone in on a singular focus going forward.

Rating: C



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