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‘Wonder Woman #754’ (review)

Written by Steve Orlando
Art by Gleb Melnikov
Publisher by DC Comics


“There is a man, Steve Trevor… We love each other, but our lives forced us apart… I do not wish that for you Maxima.”


In this issue of Steve Orlando’s Wonder Woman run, we take a quick jaunt into space.

Off to the planet Almerac, with power-house princess Maxima, to reclaim her throne.

Orlando once again takes delight in showcasing powerful female DC characters. This time with a spin on Maxima’s story that brings a bit more depth to a too-often 2-dimensional character.

Maxima’s been sparring with the birthright of her throne since we first met her.

Most recently she’s been set to claim that role with her consort the good prince Ultraa, at her side.

Except that Ultraa, it appears, is a cad. In fact, he’s pretty much the epitome of hypermasculine alpha-male arrogance and domination.

Also, he’s male.

Maxima has only hours left to foil the coup Ultraa is about the impose on the people of Almerac. And if all goes well, it will be with the true love of life at her side.

And a cultural revolution on Almerac, that is worthy of the best culturally creative promise of the comics medium.

Artist Gleb Melnikov jumps in for this issue’s adventure. His style is heavily influenced by Erik Larson, which makes for a rather classic comic experience, that bounces from Almerac, to a (slightly disquieting) look into the life of Donna Troy, and finally, to the re-introduction of a deadly Wonder Woman villain, and newest member of Warmaster’s Four Horsewomen… Genocide!

More of that next time though, when Paula von Gunther begins to make Wonder Woman’s life very, very difficult.

Next Time: And then there was… Death.




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