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‘Year of the Villain: Hell Arisen #4’ (review) 

Written by James Tynion IV
Art by Steve Epting
Published by DC Comics


This book has some really great art by Steve Epting.

Sadly, that is the best part of the book. The story by Tynion is all right but hardly groundbreaking. It is just sad that an entire year of storytelling has led to this. I wish we had a better note to end the story on.

The book opens with a flashback.

It is a scene between Lex Luthor and Mercy and it is pretty mundane. Lex basically complains to her about his failings. It is a short scene that goes on way longer than it should. Lex talks about the last year and all of the events that led him to where he is at that time. It was dull.

But then we flash forward to the present. It is time for the big battle royale!

Lex is facing off against a plethora of villains. We get a beautiful splash page to show the beginning of that battle. Epting does one hell of a job here and draws an epic image that really does impress.

Luthor himself faces off against the Batman Who Laughs. They have more than a few words before they fight. This leads to Luthor eventually coming up against Perpetua.

A big anti-climactic scene happens. And then we are left with a rather lame ending.

This book basically sets up the Death Metal book coming up next. But it hardly is a satisfying conclusion to this book, nor a very good lead in to the next story.

It is all very bland served with a side of bland. This ended up being weak, when it could have been amazing.



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