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‘A Radical Shift Of Gravity’ (review)

Written by Nick Tapalansky
Art by Kate Glasheen
Published by Top Shelf Comix


Top Shelf Productions has always been one of the more interesting publishers out there. They publish some of the highest quality graphic novels in the marketplace.

With that in mind, I dove into this book. People have told me about writer Nick Tapalansky, but I never had a chance to dive into his work. I am glad that I had the opportunity here.

This is a beautiful book. Nick Tapalansky is one hell of a writer.

The book focuses on a young writer name Noah. He is spending his days documenting the world around him. That is where we first see him, in a nine paneled page.

Noah starts off the book questioning where he was when the world shifted. What shift, you ask?

Well, we get to see right away.

Apparently, the gravity in the world has changed and is disappearing. People are floating. And they also floating away. We get to see Noah’s personal life in the middle of all this. He has fallen in love and is now raising a daughter who is a bit of a hellion. There are some nice bits in the middle of all of this.

‘The book is basically about a family disconnecting. It is about Noah having his family grow. It is also about Noah letting go of his daughter and allowing her to float away. Tapalansky writes an emotional story here and it is incredibly poignant. The characters are so well developed and relatable. You could very easily see yourself in them. Well done.

The art is stunning and works so good with the writing. These two creators are symbiotic in how they tell the story. It’s wonderful.

This is a heartfelt story that is personal and thoughtful. It is highly recommended. A great work of art.



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