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Top 5 Pop Culture Trends in 2020

If you are already a huge fan of pop culture, and now gradually falling under its influence, we might certainly be looking for the latest trends. In this post, we will share with you five latest pop culture trends in 2020 you should follow. These include everything, from large wall art to inspired lighting to tattoos, etc.

Let’s have a look:


The Gallery Wall

Do you own a lot of different things that you can display on your wall as a home décor accent? Maybe you own large wall art, paintings, drawings, prints, sculptures, souvenirs, photographs, etc.

Let’s arrange all these in a wonderful and impressive gallery wall display. The gallery wall is a great way to organize discrete pieces into something striking that conveys something about your personality.

It creates a  great focal point in your room – bedroom or living room. It serves as an eclectic statement about your unique lifestyle.

You can opt for a color blocking wall art that features large color blocks together. Engaged art is also trendy; it features a message that is feminist, humorous, philosophical, political, or whatever.



Cannabis Cooking Shows

Cannabis edibles are extremely popular in pop culture. With marijuana becoming legal all over the world, people are openly talking about it. Inspired by the same, you will get to see cannabis cooking shows online.

For instance, you might have watched or heard about Cooked with Cannabis, a famous Netflix cooking series. The show challenges cannabis chefs to introduce a 3-course cannabis-infused menu.

At the show, chefs use star ingredients creatively and explore non-psychoactive cannabis uses, such as a puree in fresh tortillas or flavoring.

The show is hosted by Portland-based chef Leather Storrs and singer and chef Kelis. Kelis says that shows are for foodies, stoners, and folks who are curious about both.


Animal Character Lights

Image courtesy Firebox

Animal character light lamps mimic animal characters featured in cartoon series, films, and children’s books. These lamps are moulded in the shape of lions, bears, bunnies, and many more.

You can use these lights as mood lighting or as an alternative to night light. These are stylish, fun, and functional. Featuring a built-in light, these lamps are soft to touch and are made using BPA-free silicone.

These adorable animal character lights are rechargeable using an accompanying USB. Appealing to both children and adults, the animal lights make a fun addition to your home décor.


Pops of Bright Colors

Whether it is your clothing or home décor, bright is here once again. Vibrant shades like red, yellow, and green help draw people’s attention and communicate a message of energy and positivity.

For instance, having a brightly colored couch in your living room with contrasting throw pillows can make it a lively place to relax. It also represents you like a lively and welcoming person.

Just be mindful when combining different bright colors as too much brightness can be overwhelming and unpleasant.


Female-Empowering Temporary Tattoos

Female-empowering tattoos are gaining popularity, especially after the International Women’s Day 2020. Even top celebrities are into it. For instance, the luxury fashion designer Christian Cowan works with Inkbox and the Powerpuff Girls.

Additionally, there are special designs seen with Lady Gaga, J Lo, and Cardi B. The women-empowered tattoo designs recall special characters like Powerpuff girls – Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup, and more notified characters on TV.


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