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‘Justice League #45’ (review)

Written by Robert Venditti
Art by Eddy Barrows
Published by DC Comics

This issue of Justice League is trying hard. It really seems like it wants to build to something. There are certainly ideas worth exploring. Character dynamics are examined.There are fisticuffs! Ultimately, it does not quite hit the mark. But, it gets an A for Effort.

This issue opens, and closes, in Themyscira. Why? It’s not quite clear. I’m certain there will be an explanation in later chapters. At this moment that opening feels like wasted space.

We are then taken to Antarctica with the Justice League at each other’s throats.

Batman Vs. Superman! Flash Vs. Green Lantern! Aquaman vs. Wonder Woman! Mano y Mano.

Deftly rendered by Eddy Barrows and Eber Ferreira, every resentment created by this team’s dynamic is laid bare. While the battles are intense, the team’s tensions feel a little staged and thin. We know that Batman and Superman have history. And their tensions have been shown through the years. But the rest of the League’s tensions haven’t been as examined. So the reader is left to recall why Aquaman and Wonder Woman would carry such animus.

As the team briefly comes to their senses they realize that the Spectre, no longer attached to it’s human host is having an effect on them.

Picking on their lingering resentments and causing them to boil over. The heroes are coming to blows but not killing each other. Wonder Wonan hints that the host-less Spectre needs them to learn something.

Like a supernatural corporate team building exercise.

The Spectre shows how Corrigan quit his responsibility as the host of this supernatural entity. This separation certainly carries consequences. There is certainly something fascinating in the idea of someone walking away from a God given supernatural responsibility. It certainly feels like an idea that deserves more space than some expository pages in the Justice League. (Now seems to be a good time to recommend John Ostrander’s Spectre run)

We close to the Justice League going to Themyscira. Unwanted and unwelcome.

I will say that I definitely want to see what happens next with the Spectre, and hope that if this issue is any indicator, that we’ll see more of him.



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