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‘The Lost Carnival: A Dick Grayson Graphic Novel’ (review)

Written by Michael Moreci
Art by Sas Milledge
with Phil Hester
Published by DC Ink


This book is another one of the DC Ink books for young readers.

I have to say, DC has done a great job with these graphic novel’s. They have taken some of their longstanding characters and made them fresh. This particular book focuses on a young Dick Grayson. It is one heck of a story and one incredible graphic novel.

The book starts off with showing us Dick Grayson well before he became Robin.

Haly’s Circus isn’t doing as well these days. The star attraction is the Flying Grayson’s!

Dick, however, is tired of performing all through all of his summers. He wants to be a kid.

One day, The Lost Carnival opens near Haly’s.

It starts to become a real threat to Haly’s business. People start flocking to the allure of the carnival.

One of those people who is drawn to it is Dick. He is fascinated by it. He heads over to the carnival. And that is when some strange things really start happening to Dick.

The story has a nice spectral twist in the middle of it where Dick visits the Lost Carnival. It also shows Dick and his relationship with his parents. Writer Michael Moreci really nails these scenes and it is a wonderful script overall. It isn’t edgy but it does show some nice work with each of the characters.

The art style is absolutely cool, too. The use of color is especially impressive. This is a nice little treat to read when you are in the right mood. I enjoyed it very much even if it is just a little slight. Well done.



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