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‘Dark Knights Death Metal #1’ (review)

Written by Scott Snyder
Art by Greg Capullo
Published by DC Comics


I love Scott Snyder and I love Greg Capullo both separately.  But when they collaborate?  It’s pure magic.

The first Metal series was a blast and completely nuts. Could they do a sequel justice?

Well, I am happy to report that this first issue of the sequel is just as fun and just as nuts as it’s predecessor. They may have even turned up the fun factor even more so than I anticipated.

The issue starts off with one of my favorite characters. Sgt. Rock, talking to the audience, in a sense. It’s a hilarious opening with Rock promising some crazy fun. That is when, after the credits, we cut over to Hell and we see Wonder Woman wielding a chainsaw.

To be fair, Hell used to be Themyscira.

So yeah, there is Wonder Woman in Hell and then Swamp Thing appears. A prisoner is on their way being brought there by someone mysterious. Wonder Woman goes to see who it might be. They walk and see a caged Joker. And that is when Wonder Woman greets her guests from the Batman family in this reality.

We learn about what the Batman family is in charge of. There is also a whole lot more going on than I ever would have expected. The creative team is really doing something incredibly ambitious and it will be interesting to see if they pull it off. The mantra here is that everything from DC’s history matters and I love that notion.

So we get to see a lot of DC characters come into the story (Yay, Lobo!).

Yet, there is a love for the DC Universe that permeates and it is sublime in it’s own way.

Snyder and Capullo are at the top of their game and this is definitely the book the world needs right now. It is a crazy, surprisingly poignant story that isn’t just a sequel to Metal.

It is the hand reaching out to every story that came before it in this universe, saying “you matter.”

We all need that in these trying times.



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