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Famous Comic Book Characters Who Gamble

High-risk, high-reward is a philosophy many comic book characters seem to live by. Both superheroes and villains are often ready to risk it all to achieve their goals. One could even argue that most characters are gamblers by nature. However, some of them seem to enjoy the ingredient of risk a little bit more than others. These characters thrive in situations where the odds are stacked against them, only to reveal (sometimes literally) that they have an ace up their sleeve.

Below, we are going to list some of the most notable comic book characters who tend to showcase a fondness of gambling.


This guy loves to play cards, so much that he even made a deck of cards one of his most prominent weapons. We are certain that, when Gambit isn’t out in the world throwing his playing cards at the bad guys, he is definitely at home playing one of the many NJ Online Casino Games that are available.

The Marvel antihero, Gambit, most known from the X-Men comics, is famous for his card-throwing ability. The ever-present playing cards, along with his name “Gambit” (referring to the strategic move of calculated sacrifice as a method to gain an advantage) are evidence enough that this tortured soul is a gambler to his core.


For the DC Comics-villain, Two-Face (Harvey Dent), one of Batman’s fiercest rivals, everything of importance is a game of chance—and it is always a game between good and evil. Two-Face makes his decisions by flipping a coin, and in doing so, he is often gambling with other people’s fate.

With Two-Face, the stakes are always high, and so is the level of unpredictability. Since he is letting the coin decide you can never be sure if he is going to be a friend or foe, but you do know the chances are going to be 50/50.

The Penguin

Another one of Batman’s main enemies, The Penguin (Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot), is a crime boss who runs the criminal underworld in Gotham City. Although he mostly pulls the strings of the criminal world, he also has a fondness for the grand and fancy.

Considering himself the gentleman of crime, he runs a restaurant and casino called “The Iceberg Lounge,” which serves as a front for his illegal businesses.

The Joker

We’ve already listed two of Batman’s worst nightmare, so why not include his archenemy as well?

It could be a bit of a stretch to label The Joker as a gambler since we never see him take part in any actual gambling. He is, however, a risk-junkie like no one else, and his name is inspired by the traditional playing card. The criminal mastermind and psychopath loves to pull pranks and to put everything on the line for a laugh.

There are a lot of characters within the world of comic books that have some connection to gambling. The above mentioned are possibly the most famous ones, and considering the names on the list, the habit of gambling seems to be a trait of the dark side of the comic book world.



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