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‘Green Lantern 80th Anniversary 100 Page Super Spectacular #1’

Written by Charlotte Fullerton McDuffie, Peter J. Tomasi,
Robert Venditti, Sina Grace, Mariko Tamaki, Ron Marz,
Geoff Johns, Cullen Bunn, Dennis O’Neil

Art by ChrisCross, Darryl Banks, Jamal Campbell,
Sarah Stone, Andie Tong, Ivan Reis, Mirka Andolfo,
Rafael Grampá, Joëlle Jones, Joe Staton, Bruce Timm,
Doug Mahnke, Gary Frank, Mike Grell, Darko Lafuente,
Rafa Sandoval, Ramon Villalobos, Fernando Pasarin

Published by DC Comics


Man, DC Comics really has been killing it on these anniversary specials.

They get a bunch of talented people to create short, yet memorable stories.

These have been great and I look forward to when these come out for the sheet joy of it all!

First up here is a story by writer James Tynion IV and artist Gary Frank.

It is a really cool one, too. It features the Alan Scott Green Lantern. It is simply a tale of Scott visiting an old friend. It is simple and beautifully illustrated. In fact, Gary Frank keeps getting better and better and this is a gem for sure.

Next up is is the  classic team of writer Geoff Johns and artist Ivan Reis telling a story from the Hal Jordan era.

Hal wakes up from a crash in the beginning of this story. It is a wonderful story that really does cover the span of the history of the character. This is well done. Johns always had a good handle on Hal and his character and he proves that again here.

Writer Cullen Bunn and artist Doug Mahnke take on a Sinestro story.

I just love Cullen Bunn as a writer. He writes a great story about fear and how Sinestro handles himself. It is a surprisingly deep story with excellent art by Mahnke. I wanted a Sinestro series after seeing this team work on this story.. Well done.

Writer Denny O’Neill and artist Mike Grell give us a wonderful team up between Green Arrow and Green Lantern.

This feels like a lost chapter from Hard Traveling Heroes and it is wonderful. It is also has a bit of melancholy as writer Denny O’Neill has recently passed. He was a legend and this story again shows us why.

Writer Ron Marz and artist Darryl Banks give us a Kyle Rayner Green Lantern tale that is truly awesome to read.

It brought me right back to the 90’s. These two creators have not missed a beat and it really works on all levels.

Up next is a tale about everyone’s favorite bad boy Guy Gardiner and his pal Kilowog.

Writer Peter J. Tomasi and artist Fernando Pasarin do a great job on this story. Tomasi especially does a great job with the banter between the two leads here. It is a fun time.

Charlotte Fullerton McDuffie and ChrisCross are up next.

They have a really well done John Stewart story here. John and Hawkgirl take on a villain in deep space. It is a simple tale that is exciting and fun. They utilize Stewart perfectly here and it is well done.

Robert Venditti writes a fun story next with Hal Jordan, John Stewart, and Kyle Rayner going out for a drink.

They are waiting for Guy Gardner. But they manage to get into trouble while waiting. It’s a pretty good story! The art by Rafa Sandoval is pretty damn good on this as well.

Mariko Tamaki writes a tale for Mirka Andolfo to draw about the Jessica Cruz Green Lantern which was good but a little slight.

Finally, writer Sina Grace and artist Ramon Villalobos end the issue with a tale of the Simon Baz Green Lantern that is well written and drawn. It is a nice last story for the issue.

This is a fine anniversary issue. DC has done it again with this. I honestly hope they keep putting stuff like this out there for every character. They are doing a great job with these.



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