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‘Nightwing Annual #3’ (review)

Written by Dan Jurgens
Art by Inaki Miranda
Published by DC Comics


The regular Nightwing series has been pretty good this past year.

I have to be honest, I really enjoyed this annual too, right up until the last few pages.  It is fast paced and fun and the whole thing just works up to the last act. I had a nice enough time reading this and then it just veered off course.

We get to see some villains prepping some mischief at the beginning of the issue. Then we have a flashback to Bludhaven from 18 months ago.

Nightwing is jumping around the city and ready to fight crime. And that is exactly what happens!

Nightwing goes up against some armored goons with guns. It is a fun fight scene.

Eventually, Nightwing loses. And that is when things get crazy.

Jurgens is having a good time writing this issue and it comes through for the most part.  Nightwing becomes unconscious. The Condor guy picks him up and flies him to safety. The Condor team then tries to recruit him.

And that is when things really start to go to hell!

The ending is a little bad as I was saying before. Suffice to say, Nightwing joins the Condors and gets a new outfit. And let us just say, I wasn’t a fan. It could have ended better too.

Overall, it is a good time, however, and there is a lot to like!



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