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TwoMorrows Publishing Needs Your Help!

Let’s ignore the many awards on the shelf.  Let’s set aside the dozens of books and hundreds of issues of magazines that they’ve published.

TwoMorrows Publishing needs your help to stay in business.

Publisher John Morrow explains:

It’s been a wild 2020 for TwoMorrows Publishing. Just as our 25th Anniversary book and six new magazines were about to go on sale, comics shops and Diamond Comic Di tributors closed. Then our bookstore distributor shut down, and we had to dispose of thousands of magazines that’ll never make it to Barnes & Noble’s shelves. We’ve incurred huge losses on all those copies, and even if those distributors and stores reopen, it’ll be months before they catch up on payments—and we’ll see lower orders as some stores close permanently, and the ones that survive will be cutting back.

But when TwoMorrows was founded in 1994, our publications weren’t sold through comics shops or book- stores—only by mail order and subscriptions. We plan to keep working that way indefinitely, regardless of when stores and distributors reopen. Even if they’re forced to shut down again, we’ll continue shipping worldwide by mail.

So here’s two simple ways you can keep TwoMorrows publishing new material:

#1: Subscribe for a half-year!

We need your direct orders to plan our print runs, and have the cash flow to keep printing. So we’re temporarily offering less expensive half-year subscriptions, which let you support us for the short-term, then go back to ordering at your local store over the next few months. (Currently, BrickJournal and RetroFan are not being sold at most Barnes & Noble stores, so mail order is the best way to get them while we search for new bookstore distribution.)

We can start your subscriptions with Alter Ego #164, Back Issue #120, BrickJournal #62, Comic Book Creator #22, Jack Kirby Collector #78, and RetroFan #9 (all are shipping now and will be mailed immediately), or any future issue. Even if you don’t subscribe, please consider ordering these new issues—every print or digital purchase helps!

#2: Get older issues at 40% off, and our 25th Anniversary book!

Download our new, easy to use 2020 Digital Catalog at: and order our books and magazines online. Most magazine back issues are 40% off for a limited time! If you have trouble ordering online, we can also take orders by phone or mail, and will include a free printed catalog with your order.

Finally, don’t miss the World of TwoMorrows 25th Anniversary book, available now in Softcover, Ultra-Limited Hardcover, and Digital Editions. If you’ve enjoyed the material we’ve produced for the last quarter-century, you’ll love learning how we made it happen all these years!

Now stay safe, and let’s keep the World of TwoMorrows spinning for another 25 years!


If you’re a fan of the history of comics or popular culture, TwoMorrows has something for you!


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