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‘Wonder Woman: Tempest Tossed’ (review)

Written by Laurie Halse Anderson 
Art by Leila del Duca
Published by DC Comics/DC Ink


This is another of those young adult graphic novels that DC seems to be putting out left and right these days. They are all pretty decent quality wise, so I am okay with it.

This one is pretty good, too and features an interesting take on the Wonder Woman character.

The book starts us off on the island of Themyscira. We get to see a pretty well thought out version of the island.

The history of Themyscira is shown as well as the history of the people there. It all leads up to the introduction of Wonder Woman into this book.

We get to meet young Princess Diana.

She is turning sixteen years old and she has pretty high hopes for her birthday.

Those hopes get dashed pretty quickly and pretty severely, however. A man washes up on the island and it turns Diana’s world completely upside down.

He tells Diana that there are children out in the water who cannot swim. Diana breaks the rules and goes to rescue them. Diana then rescues them and cannot see Themyscira to go back.

That is when she ends up on a Greek island, with no idea how to get back.

Diana and the kids are thrown into a refugee camp. It is pretty hard to look at. Artist Leila del Duca does a great job illustrating this without making it showy or exploitative. Diana then has to try to figure out a way to escape.

This whole book is well handled. It is also timely. The writing and the art are perfectly tempered to make this a good read. This is the way it should be done when dealing with hard themes in comics. Also, special shout out here to the creative team for their take on the Steve Trevor character. Well done.



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