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Dynamite Comics News: ‘Mars Attacks Red Sonja’, Jim Silke’s ‘Bettie Page’ Returns, Bill Willingham Chronicles Vampirella’s New Nemesis & More!

Mindy Wheeler Brings a Vivacious Vampirella To Indiegogo

Exclusive Limited Variant Cover Available Now!

Dynamite announces a jaw-dropping new exclusive variant cover by artist Mindy Wheeler, live right now on Indiegogo!

“I’m so excited to be working with Dynamite on this 50th anniversary cover! It’s especially an honor to be creating a Vampirella piece at this time when she has reached such an important milestone (50 years!),” said Mindy Wheeler. “Fans are the best and to be able to see their response in real-time through crowdfunding is a unique experience for any creator. It really connects an artist with their fan base and offers them perks they can’t get elsewhere.”

This spectacular piece of art inspired by the likes of Michael Turner and José “Pepe” González will be available in many ways, through the perks of crowdfunding, as noted by Wheeler. The default edition includes the iconic Vampirella logo and the trade dress to match the record-breaking first issue underneath the cover written by Christopher Priest and drawn by Ergün Gündüz. A “virgin” alteration without the logos allows another way for fans to experience the art untouched. Another maintains the intricate pencil work of Wheeler.

Special reward tier packages are available with the covers signed by Mindy, as well as graded by CGC to preserve their limited edition value. Awesome add-ons include a tee-shirt featuring the art and a huge 11 by 17-inch high-quality lithograph print – also available signed. Just one lucky collector can also add the original piece of pencil art at full size to their collection!

Mindy Wheeler is a rising artist with work published through IDW, Zenescope, others – and now Dynamite! Entering the industry in 2014 as both a penciller and colorist, she’s worked on Grimm Fairy Tales, ROM, and Divinica. She’s collaborated with Dawn McTeigue, Sabine Rich, Eric Basaldua, Jamie Tyndall, Jason Metcalf, and even the legendary Sal Buscema. Fans can follow her on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube for updates on the Vampirella campaign and future projects.


Dynamite Rob Liefeld Homages Bring the Extreme in September!

Brent Peeples Tributes Collaborator and Legend

This October Dynamite and artist Brent Peeples show respect to one of the industry’s most influential figures with a 5-piece set of variant covers homaging Rob Liefeld’s famous covers!

Artist Brent Peeples (James Bond, Titans) brings maximum effort to these covers that mirror some of the most recognizable covers of all time. Brent and Rob have worked together on the smash-hit Major X and other projects together, so there is respect and admiration in these pieces.

All six of these covers grace Dynamite’s top titles. The Princess of Mars has green martians in her sights, as Dejah Thoris #8 calls back to New Mutants #87Rob’s second issue on the title. Arguably even more iconic is the 98th issue of that series, which Killing Red Sonja #5’s cast stepping in for a merc with a mouth. Bettie Page #3 reenacts the pivotal next issue that moved toward a huge shift in Liefeld’s career and the industry as a whole. Vampirella/Red Sonja #11 places those two Women of Dynamite into the iconic image of X-Force #1. The blockbuster second and third issues of that record-breaking series are spotlighted with Red Sonja #19 and Vampirella #14.

“Man! What a kick getting to recreate these iconic Rob Liefeld covers for Dynamite!,” said artist Brent Peeples. “Rob‘s work was and still is such an influence on me, and being involved in this cover series, recreating some of his most classic and iconic work, is such an honor. I’ve always loved his energy on AND off the page. I just hope I did them justice and did Rob proud.”

Which touchstone artist or theme could be next..?
All of these covers are solicited in Diamond Comic Distributors’ July Previews for September on-sale.
Jim Silke’s Legendary Bettie Page Comics Back In Print
Paperback Coming from Dynamite in September

Heralded by many as playing a major role in the icon’s continued popularity, Dynamite is proud to bring Jim Silke’s Bettie Page comic stories back into print after 20 years.

Jim Silke is an award-winning multitalented art director, designer, editor, photographer and much more. Upon shifting his focus to illustration and comic books, he joined an elite few in the industry as masters of the “good girl” style. Dynamite fans may know Jim through his depictions of Vampirella for the Retro and Silver Anniversary Edition reprint series. Others may know Jim’s independent comic Rascals in Paradise or his series of renowned art books.

As Bettie Page’s legacy grew in the 1980s and 90s, fueled by modern pinup artists like Olivia De Berardinis, Dave Stevens and converging fashion trends, it was only a matter of time until Jim Silke brought his talents to the icon.

Originally intended for an anthology collection curated by his close friend Dave Stevens, Silke was so passionate about his first story starring the Dark Angel that it expanded well past those confines. The result was the Spicy Adventure, published on its own and included in this new collection. The explosive popularity of that parlayed into the ambitious Queen of the Nile miniseries, which serves as the meat of this new collection. Included as well are the masterful covers by Stevens. All introduced and lauded in a special editorial by Frank Cho, who takes great inspiration from these good girl legends.

Within the story, Bettie enters a whole new web of trouble when a low-budget time machine accidentally transports her to ancient Egypt. There she battles the High Priest of Amon Ra and tangles with a lovesick mummy twice her size. She wiggles and squirms and bumps and grinds to avoid their evil clutches. But she cannot avoid the inevitable, as everyone falls in love with her. All culminating in landing right in the middle of a love triangle with Julius Caesar and Cleopatra. This can’t end well for the Queen of the Pinups.

“When I first drew Bettie Page, I had no idea she would work her magic on me for the rest of my life. That was in 1951. And now, nearly seventy years later, with Dynamite’s republishing of Queen of the Nile, she’s part of my life again and I love it,” said Jim Silke.

“I never met Bettie in person, but she called one day to thank me for my books about her,” said Jim Silke. “She did, however, have one reservation: she said, ‘You sometimes make me look very mean.’ I apologized and then politely told her that she had often charmed me into doing all kinds of things I had never dreamed of doing before. She laughed at that.”

BETTIE PAGE: QUEEN OF THE NILE TP will be solicited in Diamond Comic Distributors’ July 2020 Previews catalog.


Bill Willingham Introduces Vampirella’s Newest Foe in Special!
Prester John is Here to Pass Judgment

In a can’t-miss standalone tale coming this September, just in time for Halloween, Vampirella meets the newest member of her spine-tingling rogues’ gallery!

Multiple Eisner Award-winning writer Bill Willingham (Fables, Robin) writes the Daughter of Drakulon for the first time ever in Trial of the Soul. Willingham is joined by artist Giuseppe Cafaro (Catwoman, Suicide Squad), colorist Andrew Dalhouse, and letterer Carlos Mangual. The blood-filled cherry on top is the haunting cover by Bart Sears (Justice League, Blade).

This extra-length special tale asks the question, “Does Vampirella have a soul?” New character Prester John has made it his mission to determine this and enact judgment on her. If she passes the test, she will be spared. If not, he must destroy her. No matter how charming he finds her…

“I always found Vampirella so intriguing and I’ve always had a crush on vampires so this one-shot for me will be definitely a great chance to test my skills with this classic character,” said artist Giuseppe Cafaro. “Plus, with Bill at the script, I’m sure that this will be an amazing journey! I always loved what he did with Fables and the Sandman Universe! Can’t wait to show fans what we are doing!”

Based on the legend of the medieval Christian leader of a lost wealthy African kingdom, the Prester John of the Vampirella universe represents a force that our heroine has occasionally found herself contending with. Based on a design by Willingham, John is portrayed as a handsome young man, though he’s lived well over 1,000 years. When not hiding among man, he dons an ornate armor made in the forges of Heaven. It pairs with his sword, which is actually on loan from Saint Michael the Archangel, who will reclaim it for the battle of the end times. Alongside his armaments and nigh-immortality, Prester John possesses great strength and can tap into a Godspeed allowing him to practically teleport.

Beyond the titular question of her soul, is Vampirella friend or foe to the forces of Heaven? Is Prester John a “villain” or something much more complicated, just as fans’ favorite vampiri? And if either survives their encounter, when could they meet again?

VAMPIRELLA: TRIAL OF THE SOUL is solicited in Diamond Comic Distributors’ July 2020 Previews catalog, the premier source of merchandise for the comic book specialty market, and slated for release in September 2020.


Dynamite Celebrates Independence Day With 3 Special Variants
Iconic American Characters From Incredibly Talented Artists!

This summer season, Dynamite is bringing the heat with a trio of collectible variant covers celebrating July 4th and American Independence. A diverse international set of creators pay tribute to the American-born medium and characters they love.

Joined by a fun background of apple pies, Bettie Page is herself an American icon of that caliber. Her work in pinup art and as a symbol of beauty and feminity has influenced countless artists within her home nation and around the world. Italian Vincenzo Federici, interior artist for the title, pencils, inks and colors this fun and flirty cover for the second issue of Karla Pacheco’s upcoming yarn.

“This cover was very natural, considering that I’m on the series, so it was a blast!,” said Vincenzo Federici. “Apple Pies! I tried something sexy and POP, using an ecchi style background to keep everything fun, inspired by some Japanese illustrators I love.”

Fellow Italian Alessandro Miracolo portrays the She-Devil With a Sword celebrating the holiday in the shadow of the Washington Monument and dangerously standing atop a stack of fireworks with blade and flag in hand. Don’t try this at home, kids. Irish colorist and series regular Ellie Wright makes sure the red, white and blue pop. It can be argued that the Hyrkanian heroine’s backstory is firmly tied to America, with her creation by Robert E. Howard in stories originally serialized in pulp magazines native to the States. Then expanded by Roy Thomas, who was a student of history and followed in the footsteps of comic and pulp innovators before him. Though always with an international flair, with renowned artists such as Esteban Maroto, Lucio Parrillo, Carlos Gomez, and more.

“I love Red Sonja. I grew up with the stories of Robert E. Howard,” said artist Alessandro Miracolo. “I really had a great time designing this cover, thinking of how I could depict Sonja like a champion that leads the American people to victory. Happy Independence Day to everyone. Ciao!”

American artist Justin Mason has Vampirella in an even more dangerous position, straddling a giant explosive with lit sparklers. Though the sweet Uncle Sam style hat makes up for that and we’ll pretend she’s following proper safety precautions. The colors by Kike J. Diaz really bring the background fireworks to life. Similar to Sonja, the Daughter of Drakulon’s creation has a bit of American flavor. James Warren’s black and white magazines were able to dodge the censorship that plagued the comics industry for years. Do you think Drakulon has an independence day?

“When I was offered an Independence day variant cover I only had a limited time to come up with an idea,” said artist Justin Mason. “I’ll be honest I never expected my first Vampirella cover to start with a BANG! Big thanks to editor Nate Cosby and Dynamite for the opportunity!”

All of these covers are solicited in Diamond Comic Distributors’ June Previews for July and August on-sale. Fans are encouraged to preorder copies with their Local Comic Shops.


Mars Attacks Red Sonja & All of Hyrkania in New Series Coming in July!

Fans have seen them attack fin-headed cops, iconic rock bands, and fellow denizens of the red planet, but now Dynamite presents Mars Attacks Red Sonja!

John Layman (Chew, Detective Comics) and artist Fran Strukan (The Shape of Elvira) will chronicle the untold tale of when the dastardly Martians invaded Hyrkania during the Hyborian Age. Joined by colorist Valentina Briški and letterer maestro Taylor Esposito, the team will unravel this forgotten piece of history. How do the steel and savagery of Red Sonja stand up against the advanced weaponry and science of the big-brained baddies? Only one way to find out, by reading the ACK-ing book!

“This is a book I actively pushed Dynamite to do, and I bugged them and bugged them until they finally approved it because I wouldn’t go away,” said John Layman. “I’m a HUGE fan of both properties, and the idea of mixing violent barbarian sword & sorcery with ultra-violent over-the-top retro sci-fi is simply irresistible to me.”

Fran Strukan added, “It’s really amazing the amount of luck a person can have. Growing up with certain characters and then one day – WHAM! You’re doing a crossover between some of the most beloved things from your childhood. All of that, and with a veteran writer (and fellow decapitation lover) John at the helm, it’s impossible to express the amount of excitement I have for this book.”

Layman returns to both franchises here following a celebrated run elsewhere on the Martian meanies and the fondly remembered early Dynamite crossover Red Sonja/Claw. He brings those connections (be on the lookout for Easter eggs!) and over 25 years of experience writing, editing, and more in comics. From his earliest days editing some of the innovative bestsellers at Wildstorm to his smash hit, multiple Eisner-winning creator-owned Chew.

The explosive first issue features a crop of covers by the coolest creators. A man very well-versed in depicting the She-Devil With a Sword is Lucio Parrillo, who highlights the menace of the Martians. Fan-favorite Dustin Nguyen (Batman, Descender) uses plenty of red and his signature style, and we’re not just referring to Sonja’s hair. Arthur Suydam evokes the classic era of science fiction that birthed the Mars Attacks franchise originally. Coming a long way from having fan art featured in an issue of Red Sonja (Vol 4 #7), is Luca Strati showing off a victorious Sonja. The legendary Barry Kitson swings through with a wraparound bursting with dynamism. And last but certainly not least is an incentive variant by Alan Quah homaging the classic trading cards.

MARS ATTACKS RED SONJA #1 is slated for release in August 2020.

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