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‘Empyre #2’ (review)

Written by Al Ewing & Dan Slott
Art by Valerio Schiti
Published by Marvel Comics


Reading Empyre and I’ve realized how many vegetation based characters there are in comics.

My off the cuff, non scientific rankings are:

1 Poison Ivy
2 Swamp Thing
3 Man Thing
4 Floronic Man

And way at the bottom are the villains of Empyre, Quoi and the Cotati.

A big time superhero crossover event is only as good as its villain. Credit to Valerio Schiti for attempting to make the Quoi and the Cotati visually interesting. But as a whole, this crossover manages to rise to the level of mildly entertaining.

This issue begins with the Big Three of The Avengers (Captain America, Thor, Iron Man) being held captive by Quoi. At which point we’re treated to exposition.

I mean a lot of it.

It gives the reader context of the stakes for the Cotati, but it feels clumsy.

You can’t have a big old Marvel crossover without Captain Marvel. We catch up with her traveling to meet the Kree Skrull armada barreling towards Earth. The armada has been attacked by the Cotati with Ben Grimm seemingly in danger. Hulkling is able to save The Thing with his Sword of Space. Captain Marvel is able to wield the force and save the ship.

I do appreciate how Captain Marvel is being used in Empyre. Her history comes into play and you can see how she is being set up as a pivotal part of the outcome.

Overall, Slott and Ewing have not really created interesting antagonists to propel the story forward. Even when a crossover has weak villains, you get to see other characters interact that you don’t usually see interact and that has not really happened yet.

At this point this crossover does not feel like everyone’s best work.



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