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‘Legion of Super-Heroes #7’ (review)

Written by Brian Michael Bendis
Art by Ryan Sook and Stephen Byrne
Published by DC Comics


This comic book has been a huge missed opportunity.

I don’t blame the artists at all. The whole responsibility falls on the shoulders of Bendis. He just doesn’t have a feel or a seeming affinity for the characters. I loved the Legion for years but this interpretation most certainly isn’t them at all. Not even close.

The opening page has an annoying monologue by Wildfire. It is an unfortunate and unnecessary scene that basically is there to be a gateway to the main story. It turns out to be just filler though and it is pretty obvious.

We are then then introduced to the Legion of Superheroes. The opening pages actually feel like they are trying to make it accessible to new readers. We see the Legion having a team meeting.

This whole thing leads into their bit of adventure for the issue.

Unfortunately, that adventure never actually shows up.

If there was an overall story for this book for the long term, it is lost in the muck. We do get some bright spots.

There is a beautiful Superboy scene with Jon Kent that works extremely well. But there is so much talking that follows that it all leads to nothing.

This whole thing seems to be a primer for the “big story” next month about the trial of the Legion.

This is a hard book to like. I love artist Ryan Sook. He seems incapable of finishing an entire issue himself, though, and it adds to the disconnect.

Overall, this is a bore of an issue.


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