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‘Life After Atreyu’, New Doc on ‘The NeverEnding Story Has Gone Into Production

From the team behind the critically acclaimed Life After Flash (the Flash Gordon feature documentary celebrating the 1980 classic), Life After Atreyu will not only celebrate Wolfgang Petersen’s much loved 1984 The NeverEnding Story, but will also take a biographical look at the challenging, yet fascinating life, of star Noah Hathaway since his iconic role of Atreyu.

The documentary began production in January, and will feature interviews with key cast and crew, discussing their time working on this quintessential 80s movie, resulting in the ultimate definitive documentary of the beloved childhood classic.

Far from another making of, what’s sets the Life After… series apart is an inspirational biographical element of the main star, and often with unprecedented access.

Life After Flash took viewers on a journey of discovery, when one of Hollywood’s most promising leading stars went up against one of Hollywood’s toughest producers, and the consequences that had on his life and career.

Life After Atreyu focuses on Noah Hathaway – “Atreyu” – and the journey his life takes over the past 35 years, against a backdrop of a stunning coast to coast road trip of self discovery across the USA, that Hathaway will undertake with the filmmakers.

Life After The Navigator is the second film in the series, currently in post production and due for completion this autumn, celebrating the 1986 classic Flight of the Navigator and exploring the rollercoaster life of star Joey Cramer
since taking to the screens as David Freeman, the 12-year-old boy who stepped into a spaceship, and returned to his family 8 years in the future.

The Life After team are award-winning filmmakers, director/producer Lisa Downs (Spare Change Films), and producer Ashley Pugh (Strict Machine). A Life After YouTube Web Show has also recently launched, featuring interviews, competitions, nostalgia, the 80s, film & more.

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