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My Top 10 Favorite Beatles Songs

On YouTube, it always starts with just one guy. Or gal.

You don’t even have to know him. Or her. If you have some favorite music-related YouTubers, you end up hearing about it through them.

I don’t even know who started this ‘challenge’ or contest.

However, the rules were pretty simple: make a video and list your Top 10 favorite songs by The Beatles.

Anyone who loves The Beatles will instantly realize that this is a difficult task. Out of the 200 or so songs that they recorded, there are only a few stinkers. For the most part, The Beatles created one of the finest bodies of recorded music in Rock history.

So, how do you choose just 10?

I went with my gut. What songs did I want to play right before I made my list? I typed them out as they came to me. I realized that my list today was completely different than a list that I would have written a year ago. Five years ago. Ten years ago. Then again, the list I came up with consisted of songs that I feel connected to the most… today. It might slightly change tomorrow, but that is another list for another day.

Removing songs from my list gave me a headache. But I’ll stick with my guns here. I’m old (56) and sappy. I swim in both nostalgia and melancholy. I react with honesty instead of bravado. I don’t want to pretend that I’m cool when I’m far from it.

So, I made my list, hit record, and here it is. My Beatles Top 10 list. No guilt, no shame, no second-guessing, no bluster.

You can’t make a bad Top 10 list of Beatles songs… unless you try really hard.

I hope you enjoy this list.

What would be in YOUR Top 10 list of Beatles favorites?


Your pal,
Stephen SPAZ Schnee


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