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‘Pulp’ OGN HC (review)

Written by Ed Brubaker
Art by Sean Phillips
Published by Image Comics


There are some creative teams in comics that always produce work of a high quality, no matter what they do together.

At the forefront of some amazing creator teams are writer Ed Brubaker and artist Sean Philips. Together, they have created some downright incredible work. This book, Pulp, is another such book that is incredibly well done.

The book starts us off in New York City in the year 1939. We are introduced to a pulp writer named Max Winter. Max is a person who is down on his luck. He has gotten older and he is not living the life that he wishes he had. He is in a relationship with a woman named Rosa and she is the only thing worthwhile in his life

.Max wishes he could provide for Rosa better than he is currently.

One day while Max is in the subway, he comes to the aid of a person being verbally assaulted. Max stands up to the bullies, but he is beaten. He has a heart attack when this happens. Max gets checked out and tries to keep it together when he goes home to Rosa. But he is feeling pretty helpless.

Max and Rosa head out to a movie. While there, Max has more chest pains. But he comes up with a plan. He figures out a plan for a robbery. He goes about his plan and that is when he is interrupted by a man named Jeremiah Goldman.

That is when the book really starts to take off!

We learn that Max used to be the cowboy outlaw he writes about in the pulps. Conversely, Goldman used to be a lawman of sorts that used to hunt Max but never caught up with him. Goldman ropes Max into a plan to rob some Nazis. Max agrees and then the book really gets crazy!

I will say this has one hell of an ending. Brubaker and Phillips are at the top of their game here and this is awesome. It is well written and Phillips knocks it out of the park with the artwork. /This exceeded my expectations and that is really saying something.



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